Lake of Lilies is a creative outlet for show casting an uber feminine, chic, classic, elegant and sophisticated style through fashion, travel, culture, and art. It Aims to be an expression of the timeless, beautiful and classic modern woman through the guide and vision of Laureen Velazquez as its creative director and editor in chief. Her experience in working with fashion brands as well as her entrepreneurship spirit has given her the confidence to purse new and exciting endeavors.

She has cultivated her taste for fashion and style throughout the years. Her source of inspiration comes from travelling and meeting new people and cultures. Paris, New York City, and London are the main fashion capitals of the world she finds to be the most powerful sources of unique inspiration. Her commitment is to bring an impeccable aesthetic that aligns with the brand’s and to create quality content and value for a rewarding experience for the equally chic and sophisticated like-minded woman.

The woman in her mind is very powerful, feminine, chic, elegant, and classic with a true sense of purpose, style and beauty that translates into power.