My Absolute Must-Have Makeup and Fragrance

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Hello Ladies,


We love to look ourselves in the mirror and see beauty. We want to have a style trademark that makes an impact and inspires others, something that we are recognized for.  Perfume and makeup  are indisputably what make the difference in our daily life.  Our confidence shows when these two key elements are perfectly align and in complete harmony. A refined woman knows the exact amount of make up to apply in her face to enhance her natural beauty and exact amount of fragrance to wear to distinguish herself from the crowd and show her individuality.

Makeup Is every girl’s favorite thing to play with and I prefer to use a highly pigmented lipstick and light coverage powder and foundation that are perfect for my skin type and tone. My absolute favorite lipstick to wear is Chanel for it represents elegance, sophistication and true beauty. Also, I absolutely love a good perfume, as well.  Indeed, I believe in Coco’s Chanel words when she said “A woman who does not wear perfume has not future”. Indeed, I absolutely adore to wear Chanel and Dior fragrances for they are very rich, delicate, and last longer. Ladies, use your beauty power to your advantage, you already know what works best for you, stick to it and walk with an air of sophistication and confidence.