Summer Pastels



Hello ladies,

      Pretty pastels are ones of the most feminine colors of the season and ones a woman can wear. Summer season is full of simple lines, light fabrics and beautiful designs. Ruffles and flutes shirts definitely are my favorite summer trend for being quite playful and feminine.  Long or short skirts and jeans are favorites to pair them with. Playing with pieces of clothing is crucial to achieve your signature style. Every body shape is rightfully beautiful, so knowing what favors your body type takes time. The fabric flow gives us the confidence to feel beautiful, fresh, and feminine. I definitely love to see how besides the hot weather, a woman can still maintain her style intact.

Appropriately, accessories or the lack of them will define style, simplicity and sophistication.  I decided not to wear any earrings just a small bracelet to focus on simplicity and fabric lines. Indeed, this Baby pink flute sleeved shirt is very pretty and creates a romantic and simple silhouette that flatters any shape and it is one of my top 10 colors ever in any woman. Carefully decide what is best for your body type and stick to it. Most importantly, never loose your sense of style.

What do you think about pretty pastels for summer season?