The Versatile White


Happy Monday Ladies, as you all know, the beautiful and classic little black dress is a well known-must-have piece in every woman’s closet and so is the classic and splendid little white and crisp bottomed down shirt. It is so versatile you can pair it with almost anything, long or short pearl necklace, statement necklace, statement pair of earrings, and a beautiful lipstick or just alone. For an even elegant and more sophisticated look add an elegant touch, pop the collar up. I specially love wearing white bottomed down shirt with a beautiful skirt or distressed jeans, a statement piece and bright lipstick.

This little gem promises to elevate your outfit and your style instantly.  We borrowed this precious piece from our counterparts long time ago and we are not planning to return it back.  We look gorgeous, we feel powerful, and feminine in it and most important of them all we look elegant and sophisticated. Ladies, dress it the way you love the most because the quintessential thing of this chic piece is to dress it the best way possible you know it works for you, confidence is key to help you achieve your daily style and your professional goals as well.

In any setting, walk it, style it, and feel it wonderfully!